Pet Photography


When it comes to taking photos of pets, it is much different than taking pictures of humans. We can smile for the camera and say “cheese” but good luck getting Fido to do that. Pets are just not made to hold a pose while you take their picture. Pet photography is a art that takes knowledge in capturing your pets with just the right expression.

Pets are just as much a part of the family as our children are. You love to frame pictures of your dogs, cats and other critters just as you love to frame pictures of your children. There are certain things that a professional pet photographer will do to capture the best pose for your pet.

I got it!

If possible, use natural lighting to capture your pet in action. Photographers often find that using a flash will cause red eye but it also startles a lot of pets. Some photographers will choose to take their photos outdoors since that uses the best natural lighting but they will also take advantage of large rooms indoors that have large windows.

Professional pet photographers have a knack for making pets feel comfortable and at ease. They will get down so they are at the same level as the pet. Professionals will see the world just as your pet sees it. You will often see photographers sit or even lying on the floor to capture the perfect shot.

If you want the perfect photo of your dog or other pet, perhaps try when they are tired or just awoke from a nap. That way it is easier to keep them still!

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2 comments on “Pet Photography
  1. One of the best photos I have of my dog was taken when she was jumping in an agility competition. The photo captures the movement and you can see that she is really enjoying herself. I love your photo of the German Shepherd running with the ball. It’s really natural.

    • Senor Wafflez says:

      Yes, play or competition is a good opportunity to get some great pictures. Firstly it’s more natural for your pet than posing. Mine doesn’t like to have a camera pointing at him when sitting still, but when playing he seems to forget the camera is there.

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