Martial arts with tonfa

Indoor action photography without flash can be a challenge. You will need a camera that handles high ISO well and a fast lens. Here I’ve used a Canon 5D Mark II with a 24-70 f/2.8L.


To freeze action, use a fast shutter speed. This means higher ISO and wide aperture. Higher ISO will result in more noise. It’s not necessarily a problem if your photos are for small format and screen only.


You don’t always have to reveal everything. Leave something to the viewer’s imagination.

Not all action has to be frozen and sharp. Slow down the shutterspeed just enough to add some movement to the photo.

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Pet Photography


When it comes to taking photos of pets, it is much different than taking pictures of humans. We can smile for the camera and say “cheese” but good luck getting Fido to do that. Pets are just not made to hold a pose while you take their picture. Pet photography is a art that takes knowledge in capturing your pets with just the right expression.

Pets are just as much a part of the family as our children are. You love to frame pictures of your dogs, cats and other critters just as you love to frame pictures of your children. There are certain things that a professional pet photographer will do to capture the best pose for your pet.

I got it!

If possible, use natural lighting to capture your pet in action. Photographers often find that using a flash will cause red eye but it also startles a lot of pets. Some photographers will choose to take their photos outdoors since that uses the best natural lighting but they will also take advantage of large rooms indoors that have large windows.

Professional pet photographers have a knack for making pets feel comfortable and at ease. They will get down so they are at the same level as the pet. Professionals will see the world just as your pet sees it. You will often see photographers sit or even lying on the floor to capture the perfect shot.

If you want the perfect photo of your dog or other pet, perhaps try when they are tired or just awoke from a nap. That way it is easier to keep them still!

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Waiting for the train

Waiting for the train

The original basephoto for this was taken indoors at a martial arts show last fall. I made a cutout, combined with a stockphoto and adjusted colors to match. The black background in the original made for an easy cutout.

IMG_43491/320s @ f/2.8, ISO3200, 50mm
(click for larger image)

The photo is from a staged fight with bo and sai, featured in a show celebrating ten years for Asker Karateklubb.

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Magic Forest

Magic Forest

I was originally aiming for some starphotos, but the evening turned out more cloudy than I expected. So instead I had to settle for some shots of the dramatic clouds and silhouette photos of the forest. Combined with a starphoto from earlier, it turned into this composite.


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Carry Me On To Anywhere

Carry Me On To Anywhere

This is a simple composite, consisting of two images. Originally the photo was taken at daytime in Hemsedal. I replaced the sky with a stockphoto with stars and adjusted the colors to match in the rest of the pictures.

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Is This Your Stick?

Is This Your Stick?

My German Shepherd playing in the snow.

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